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Hotel NOSPA - the first hotel in Saaremaa to receive the Green Key label

Hotel NOSPA - Saaremaa esimene Green Key märgise saanud hotell

Steven Nepper |

In order to preserve the living environment of our island preserved for centuries and to share its beauty with our guests, we have set a goal to move towards a greener life and together with our employees, cooperation partners and visitors pay more attention to environmental friendliness than usual in order to ensure a cleaner future for future generations.

To achieve this:

  • we have greatly reduced the use of paper
  • we use water, heat and electricity efficiently
  • we sort waste and packaging according to requirements
  • we use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • we have banned smoking in the hotel
  • we value active holidays in the fresh air, advertising various leisure places and opportunities in Saaremaa on social media

We are grateful if our guests contribute:

  • turning off the lights as you leave the room
  • using water sparingly! Close the tap to brush your teeth
  • leaving only towels in need of changing on the bathroom floor
  • sorting garbage according to orders

Thank you for helping us ensure a cleaner future!

Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism companies and since 1994 it has been the leading standard for recognizing the environmentally friendly and sustainable operation of a tourism company. To date, approx. 5,000 companies from 63 countries around the world have joined the label.
Read more about Green key: https://www.greenkey.global/